Hi I need prayers for a  good friend of mine that I am helping out  with a  place  to stay for now  he is in his 50s   sense he isn’t able to stay longer.  He also have  treatments that he needs and he also needs  a place    he can go to his family house and  other houses but he chooses not to.   He also needs help to. Come down. With trying to find a wife. He gets used and scammed. All the time     he is so much worried about   the wrong things in his life   I can’t take care him  fincailly spiritually and physically and emotionally  so god can bless him with his own place and his own. Stuff.    Sense I already have. My family   living with me it’s to much room.  And we don’t have enough space for him  and I won’t leave him homeless or  anything but   he had an emergency  but also.    He doesn’t understand  that he can’t stay here for very long. Time   my place is to small.     So we  we asking  for prayers that god can remove him from here so he can  have his own.  We care deeply about him. But it’s time for him to  go on his own way.  Thanks   god bless in advance