Entertaining Good Paying Jib

Jesus please find me a job. Not just any job a really good job to pay things off. I was illegally fired last full time job did not get an extension unlike my colleague. 
I suffer with autism and what good is having it if I go nowhere and bored and different.

it should get me a really good job as talent because I went to a good colllege got my science degree and good gpa. And now I have a lot of debt. Another reason for a good job. 
mot should help like Rudolph’s red nose or Dumbo’s big ears not to be so famed  just a fair amount. 
i don’t smoke I refuse to drink and do not care much about tv. I use $ for good and helping others.

I would like to have my own bussiness to help others with more severe asd and mental retardation to pay for their homes. 
but never show off like Mr. Beast.

I am an enthusiastic entertaining being