En agradecimiento a

This morning I’m this morning I’m going to pray just for the resources and the funds the tools the vehicles needed for the women’s ministry and Christian teaching homeschool there’s some that owe us in the ministry so we’re hoping and praying that they have their finances in life right so that they can pay that and and our students are in Christian Schools out on campus in private and public schools regardless we pray that they have a Christian education regardless of their private or Christian School on campus public schools on campus and homeschoolers too just not forcing a child to so we just pray for encouragement and these children learn to understand that their moms are Educators too and that they need to be respected to in the home we pray for those that are not in good standing those men that are not against standing we get pray that they get right with God and that that not bring any kind of legal repercussions of sins on the child or the mom in this includes our Hispanic ministry amen