Divine retribution

I have been working at Optum for about six months now. It’s been a horrible communication experience. Most recently, I called out sick on February 19, 2024 since I had a cold, and my manager Yorvira and her assistant Jenny Lee promised me three times, twice via text with my manager, three times (two on the phone and three via text) with her assistant.
When I checked on Monday, they did not put it in as unplanned PTO. It shows me that I was never part of this company; they lied straight to me. Lastly, I texted Anita, the director of Cardiology, and she responded back by saying she does not have access to Sparq and wait unti Yorvira gets back from PTO to put it in the unplanned PTO for 02/19/2024.

I gave lot of for this company, my job, my career, my faith, and my reputation. All to start over and recover my good reputation, so far, I have not received any compensation. This company has no future nor aspirations to be great. So, I pray this situation gets resolved one way or the other. I did not asked to be sick or planned to; so, they should put in my unplanned PTO 8.00 hours for February 19, 2024 or else I go work for another company that has a hope and a future not this bullcrap company that does not give any raise nor any incentive to stay there.

I work with Dr. Evans, a religious nutjob who thinks Jesus can save and change everything, which is not true. You have to work hard for your change, and Jesus’s death and resurrection did not change nor made the world a better place. The world is still evil, and people are dying every day.

What a delusion.