Deliverance prayers

Please pray for me I was in a situation a few years back where I was away kept away from my children by two churchgoers and an ex spouse they kept me against my will and it’s all attitude for 2 months at a hospital first time it was a few weeks and then second time was 2 months it was their actions actually I don’t want to go I want to be awake and you like it and be away from my children and they held me their involuntarily for these people not being near me anymore to make this decisions and I felt some legal work and I just pray it runs through the right person I don’t know if it’s later there’s someone else I just pray God’s anointing wisdom for me and how to make this decision to there was a Pastor said pastor they’re at the church I was going and during this time I had so many Vivid nightmares about this person I could only go because he’s just sat here take the medication and it was really abusive Spiritual Authority imagine right you see this person like preaching to you all the time and then all the sudden your hospitalized one of the person’s hospitalized the answer will and then the doctor and the supposed to be spelled show up and they just say you stay here and you take your medication this whole time I was concerned about my own children or they were so please pray that I may receive healing from this and you know I still feel that those Wicked what they did I still believe they should pay somehow for it