Christian Battling with addiction: Praying for strength and healing

Hello my name is Shanay i am 32 for some years I have been struggling with substance abuse/addiction.  I have been clean for sometime but I have as of lately been abusing xanax, I struggle with has been deemed medically as having an addictive personality. Which is hard in itself but I know God has been with me every step of the way. I know it’s up to me to accept the things I can’t change and to have the courage to accept the things I can change . I am 32 year old and there is so much that I want to accomplish and do according to God’s will although I do fail at times and I am so thankful for God’s forgiveness though Christ Jesus my savior. I know God is with me and he wants what is best for me and he does not take pleasure in my pain. I know as Christians we will struggle  Christ directed us to pick up our cross and follow him so I know we will suffer. The moral of this request is to have prayer for strength and healing. I desire to live sober and keep God first and serve no other. Thanks advance for your prayers and God bless you. Love Shanay your sister in Christ Jesus