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I need a prayer for for the girls and my sons character formation prayer place for them to stay at home and be home schooled without persistence from the church or government or the dad prayers that I have been a support to homeschool with my sign Banner too kind of it’s an efficient Ministry it’s a business and it’s also pretty long for me to place on one little app and stuff so we just pray that the people helping with the sign be able to manage it well and bring it to my property and I have tenants at the property so I just need a prayer so they don’t try to say they’re the owners you know I can see where they could fraud things or scare me since I haven’t paid the lease already I’m pretty scared of that so please pray that should be willing to pay first for the rent and the lease pray for me working on those papers and they really need to go to an attorney they don’t need to go to her but she needs to pay before I even I work on those papers and so I just need prayer as one of my students too is going to be in when is the nurse and the other one is in counseling and my son is going to be studying legal law but I don’t want him to let go of the sin he needs to First change his name to my last name because it’s a long history of Injustice and to me and somehow that Injustice ended up in my classroom and they ended up ended up being in-laws and two in justices three injustices are actually happening in this house throughout the generations and it’s not a generational sin so I just need prayer to know how to manage this and handle it and a Godly way that really brings me income more than anything and that prevents me and my family from and that prevents me and my family from being injustly accused and not accused at all really we really try to make our best life of Living righteously there is however someone when we invited someone in our house my youngest brother started to have the feeling to hit somebody so we just pray that he can deliver from that he really didn’t have anything like that before so he started the man I married which I’m embarrassed to say now he confessed that he hit his sisters and they had a lot of sibling rivalry that his parents would just leave him alone in the house so prayers to be delivered from this generational Sin from possibly even our own family and from this person really we can’t afford to he’s been to hurtful already