Asap removed these mgrs

November 3 station mgr and his boy attacked me(cp) again lord they hate me I go to counseling stress hurt lie on brack got it in for me world of prayer request God to removed brack towns ward my friend been off on sick lv ward a usps employees have a death threat toward my friend ever since my friend told the area mgr to bring in the team with the lie detective machine give the whole entire station a word of question on guns on the premises stealing time leaving with clock out cursing calling employees out of they name its a hostile workplace causes of brack towns wards  brack angered causes he having been promoted downtown he done gave me several II they cracked up jokes on my friend causes she out sick violates her hipp law rights Postmaster general Mr Dejoy you need a team in holiday city usps in memphis employees are been lie on my friend have been hurt by them she stressed we all stressed Father’s we are request a world of prayers world wide areas mgr Mitchell could have moved brack towns ward along time ago like me my friend my steward at the station we are stressed tired hurt pain these mgrs are try to hurts