AiG Streaming Service

Dear Jesus, please help me get into the Answers an Genesis streaming service I worked at previous place was wrongfully fired. Tried to save my job ignored a lot. I wrote a play I school nearly myrder, I was rejected locked up in special ed class with juvenile delinquents forced to watch disgusting pictures and videos because they were unsupervised. My school tried to expel me I’m over 30 years old and none of my work has ever been appreciated up there to try to help books to write for kids projects to save wild life expressing things and spreading the gospel. I work for AIG now, but I am not excepted in this department, but I want to find me somewhere else I don’t wanna be just a cashier or work at the gift shop , I need a bigger job I need to get into the bigger area please God I suffer with autism and I’m bullied, constantly ignored, lonely, bored  I lost my nice home from last year. I feel lost, and I don’t know where I’m gonna go once the season ends the end of this month. What good as having autism when is held me back in life