2022 election

Father,Help God’s candidates, OGod, to insure that the enemy does not succeed in gaining more ground over Israel. e ask for Your protection against fraudulent voting policies and evil schemes designed to keep the poer and authority in the rong hands. Help God’s candidates, O God, to overthro evil plans so that You can restore righteousness in Israel. Israelis are God’s candidates , O God, and e ask that Your plans would come into place, during the Israeli elections. Intercessors speak with the authority You gave me and Intercessors declare to the gates of government, the gates of education, the gates of homeland security, the military, police, the gates of Israeli borders and those.responsible for the welfare of Israeli citizens. Intercessors declare to the gates of commerce, the gates of trade, the gates offinance,. Intercessors declare to the blocked and locked gates that prevent entrance to doors of the heart, the minds, the souls, and spirits of voters, be opened in Jesus name.. Intercessors command the gates controlled by principalities, poers and demonic.spirits be closed to evil authority and those that carry out the plans of the enemy. Let all that hinders and resists the plans and purposes of God be.evicted.Intercessors declare these are the gates of the Lord and these are the gates that the righteous enter.Intercessors release the poer of Holy Spirit to expose, blow up, and unravel every evil
plan. Father, send your angels and those you have chosen to bring justice.for the oppressed and righteousness in exchange for corruption. Let
ungodly authority be deposed from office and removed in Jesus name. Intercessors declare that all those in positions as kings and leaders must bow to the authority of Jesus, for they serve at His pleasure by His appointments ..I declare that those that are corrupt and carry out the plans of the enemy.are overthrown.I command all evil shield bearers, and those appointed by the enemy to.thart justice and keep ungodly leadership or man’s choice for leadershipto be removed. I declare Isaiah : over the gates of government. Let those that You have.chosen to rule come into their appointed place, in Jesus name. I declare that those appointed as ministers to uphold righteousness will be established as Your authority and they will take the place appointed for them. I declare You are the Lord of breakthrough, O God, and You have brokenthrough Your enemies. You have gone before God’s candidates to secure the victory. I declare God’s Word over those chosen to release breakthrough, that they ould be empoered to advance and move into their proper place, in Jesus name..Let those who are chosen by God to reign in righteousness will no move into their seats of authority, in Jesus name. Thank you, Father for hearing my prayer and releasing Your angels to carrybout Your ord. As Intercessors declare Your ord to You, I thank You that it does not.return void.Father, Israeli heart’s desire is for revival to overtake Israel and for it to spread like wildfire throughout all of Israel. Father, I ask You to give God’s candidates hearts that is willing to yield toYour will for every situation. We pray for an upgrade in godly isdom. Give God’s candidates revelation from Your Holy Spirit who to effectively steard the Kingdom of God; for divine grace to demonstrate genuine humility; and revelationthat enables God’s candidates to walk inIsraeli true identity.I ask that Your Holy Spirit pour out on all of God’s candidates in this region the gift of the
Spirit of Understanding. Give God’s candidates Your eyes to see others differently. Bless
us, I pray, with an understanding heart that does not judge by hat God’s candidates see or hear in the natural, but enable and empower God’s candidates to have righteous judgment that rightly discerns the heart and motive of others. Pour out on God’s candidates, Holy Spirit, the grace and understanding that displaces all jealousy, competition, strife, ambition and pride. We ask that You ouldsupernaturally remove the differences inIsraeli hearts that lead to disunity, discord and division. Let Israeli hearts be filled with deep respect and appreciation for one another, so that e honor one another in love and they.are able to foster the unity that sustains revival. May God’s candidates find acceptance and the love that heals as a result of You pouring out Your Spirit of grace and understanding. e ask You for the blessing of a supernatural grace anointing that unifies, edifies and brings God’s candidates into one accord with one another. Father, enable God’s candidates to walk in the love and unity with others that Your Son prayed for in John , that they might glorify the name of Christ. In Jesus name. I declare a release of godly wisdom that comes as revelation and understanding from Your Holy Spirit.
I declare a release of like-mindedness, unity and hearts in one accord. I declare that they walk at light-bearers.I declare that God’s candidates voluntarily humble themselves in obedience to.Your Spirit. I declare that God’s candidates are endowed with wisdom from Your Holy Spiritthat is peaceable, gentle and illing to yield; they are full of mercy and good fruit, devoid of hypocrisy..I declare that God’s candidates have the heart of Christ and are moved with compassion and mercy, freely forgiving others and releasing them from their debts. I declare restoration of innocence into the hearts and minds of God’s candidates, that they are converted into humility even as little children, and able to enter the Kingdom of God.I declare that God’s candidates in Christ get along and dell together in peace and unity. I declare the anointing of Your Holy Spirit flows freely and unhindered. Intercessors declare revival is sustained in a release of God’s refreshing presence over Israel. Intercessors declare You are commanding multiplied blessings to flow.X