What is the World English Bible (WEB)?

There are many good English translations of the Holy Bible. Unfortunately, almost all of them are either (1) archaic (like the KJV and ASV of 1901), or (2) covered by copyright restrictions that prevent unrestricted free posting on the internet or other media (like the NIV and NASB). The Bible in Basic English (BBE) was in the Public Domain in the USA (but not all countries) for a while, but its copyrighted appeared to have been restored by GATT, at least for a time. It now appears that in spite of the ambiguities involved, BBE is really in the Public Domain, now, but that was not at all clear at the time I first investigated. (The BBE used a rather restricted subset of English, anyway, limiting its accuracy and readability.) In other words, at the time this project was started, there was NO OTHER complete translation of the Holy Bible in normal Modern English that could be freely copied (except for some limited “fair use” or in the case of the NET Bible, restrictions regarding personal use only, etc.) without written permission from the publisher and (usually) payment of royalties. This is the vacuum that the World English Bible is filling. This is a quality translation of the Holy Bible into modern English that you may freely use, either for personal or commercial purposes. There is no legal monopoly controlling what books you may quote Scriptures from this translation in, or what Bible study software may or may not use this translation.