Welcome to Mighty Oak Ministries (MOM)’s landing page for free WordPress Training Videos sponsored by Cyber Grapes Services (Cyber Grapes). If you’re here, we suspect that you’re here to learn WordPress. If you haven’t already purchased a Domain Name and/or hosting for your WordPress Powered Website, we’d very much appreciate if you purchase them through CyberGrapes.org. We ask this because Cyber Grapes continues to be the #1 way we are able to fund our MOM team of Christian Missionaries. Thank you and God bless you! Now on with the videos…

The WordPress Dashboard

Learn how to navigate, configure and customize the WordPress dashboard.

The Dashboard

WordPress Posts (aka Blog Posts)

Learn how to create and manage posts, from Add New to archives and everything in between.


WordPress Pages

Learn how to create and manage pages, from Add New to archives and everything in between.


The WordPress Gutenberg Editor (aka Block Editor)

Learn how to use the WordPress Gutenberg editor to design high-quality pages and posts.

The Gutenberg Editor

The WordPress Classic Editor (still used with WooCommerce)

Learn how to use the classic editor to design high-quality pages and posts.

The Classic Editor

Working with Images in WordPress (more powerful than most expect)

Learn how to work with images in WordPress, including multiple ways to upload and add images to pages or posts and creating image galleries.

Working With Images

The WordPress Media Library

Learn how to add, remove, configure, customize, secure and manage all the media uploaded to your site or network of sites.

Media Library

WordPress Appearance (aka Look and Feel for your website audience)

Learn how to configure and customize a site’s design, including working with themes, widgets and menus.


Organizing Content in WordPress

Learn how to use tags and categories to organize site content.

Organizing Content

Managing Comments in WordPress

Learn how to organize user comments, including creating and moderating comments, addressing spam and archiving old comments.

Managing Comments

Managing WordPress Users, Tools, and Settings

Learn how to, among other things, manage users, configure admin settings, back up a site or restore a site from backup.

Users, Tools, and Settings

What’s Next?

That’s all of our WordPress Training Videos for now. These videos are kept up to date so we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back often. And again, we highly recommend you purchase your Domain Names and Hosting through CyberGrapes.org or hire a WordPress Pro at CyberGrapes.com or contact Chris and Jessica Engler (the Founder of MOM and Cyber Grapes) right here for them to schedule a free consultation with you. Happy WordPressing!

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