Read the World English Bible (WEB) Online in 100+ Different Languages

Mighty Oak Ministries (MOM) is slowly publishing the World English Bible (WEB) online at and using it as a basis for our website visitors to translate the Bible into any of the 100+ languages available through Google Translate.

To initiate the translation process, simply use our “Translate this Page” widget available on this page.

Why the World English Bible (WEB)?

The World English Bible is in the Public Domain. That means that it is not copyrighted. However, “World English Bible” is a Trademark of Anyone may copy, publish, proclaim, distribute, redistribute, sell, give away, quote, memorize, read publicly, broadcast, transmit, share, back up, post on the Internet, print, reproduce, preach, teach from, and use the World English Bible as much as they want.

All the makers of the WEB ask is that if anyone CHANGES the actual text of the World English Bible in any way, they not call the result the World English Bible any more. This is to avoid confusion, not to limit our freedom. Therefore, any translation of the World English Bible using Google Translate or any other translation means into another language is no longer the World English Bible, but a derived version of it.

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