Giving Oaks is a platform to collect and distribute funds to people, ministries and nonprofits who are actively living out the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20.


  • Easy to use. Work with us one-to-one to set you up, let people know where to donate, and watch your funding stream in.
  • Receive fast weekly payouts of your donor giving.
  • Built in donation tracking and receipts.
  • Full transparency and reporting of your donor giving.
  • Free advertising and exposure.
  • Receive 96% of funds, we keep 4% for bank and credit fees.
  • Connect with the body of Christ without needing your own website or social media account to receive online donations.

We have a call to funnel wealth to His Kingdom builders. This is an avenue to do that. Giving Oaks is a sub ministry of Mighty Oak Ministries and will function under its EIN number. All donations will be tax deductible whether the receiving ministry is a registered nonprofit or not. We will provide reporting of all incoming donations for transparency sake. 

Contact Chris & Jessica Engler if interested in becoming a Kingdom Builder.