When a man withdraws

Lord he withdrew from me

i am so hurt 

help me fix this

guide him to unblock me on his phone and never block me again

punish me for anything I did wrong so that I can fix it quickly Lord

open the door to this job Lord

heal him of his pain and keep his feet firmly planted in where he is supposed to be near me

Keep all false women away from him&

give him full custody

guide is mother to intercede for me and help me to fix this. Guide her to pray for me now Lord

let him not change his phone number, keep us in contact

guard this prayer from demonic interference in the spiritual realm

open the apartment for me him and his daughter

i made him into a Prince Charming, I should not have done that and saw him as the flawed man he is, I repent Lord for thinking like a little girl

Make me into a mature woman Lord quickly

Gomer 1:3 manifest your will

accoridng to this scripture Lord

remove all delusion from my mind




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