Urgent Crisis!

Hi! I am reaching out with an urgent prayer request. My mother in law, who is incredibly kind and absolutely the sweetest hard working woman is in an urgent crisis. She accepted the request of a coworker who pleaded for a place to temporarily live, because of crisis/family issues. The agreed upon arrangement was for the coworker to stay for six months without paying rent or bills to save as much as possible and move out. However, it has been a year now. The coworker  is refusing to leave and lies about “planning” to leave. She has even brought drugs into the home with her boyfriend at one point. I truly fear for my mother in law’s safety. I am not sure what to do as my spouse and brother in law have tried to discuss this with my mother in law but she shuts down with ANY confrontation. We are all so worried and concerned!!! Please please please join us in prayer from our home that God will immediately and divinely remove this coworker from the home and protect my mother in law until this coworker is out of her home. THANK YOU!!!!