Please consider supporting Ukraine Orphans during this time of great tragedy and loss.


Since the beginning of the Russian Ukrainian War, the people of the Ukraine have had to flee their homes, their country. We are heavy burdened for them but especially for the orphans. Poland has received almost 1.5 million refugees and the number keeps rising. Hundreds are orphans.

In response, MOM is collected funding to help the displaced orphans continue their education through Cyber School. 100% of all funds raised will go to this effort including the costs of purchasing of new and refurbished laptops and tablets, shipping fees, configuring computer labs, and internet connection costs.

Thank you! And please, above all, PRAY!

Below there are two ways to donate: a one time donation or monthly recurring. You can give as little as $1.00, every cents helps! MOM is a 501(c)(3), your donation is eligible for tax deduction.

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