to save my daughter and us

My daughter’s husband has put false case of madness on her and is not allowing any lawyer to represent us. He, his parents and people are slandering us to everyone and destroying our child’s reputation, life, future. He fornicated with a married woman, made her pregnant and has married her clandestinely but we can do nothing as she has an alibi – she has a husband and we cannot put bigamy case on my daughter’s husband. He has cheated us terribly and we are helpless. Everyone, including our relatives are against us and they are making sure that no one will marry my daughter, talk to her or give her a job. My child’s life is ruined. We cannot get justice. My husband is very ill and I don’t know what to ask of God or how to pray. My child’s unhappiness is too much to bear – she is an innocent victim. There is no one to help us in any way. Please ask God to give her a good life, a good job and to settle everything in a wonderful way for her. This horrible experience and her husband’s wickedness should not destroy her soul. Please pray for us. Thank you.


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