Son in trouble

Please pray for my son, Brandin he’s a recovering addict heroin and he’s been doing very good last five years now they took it off all medication‘s to keep him sober. Please pray the Lord help son i and angels to keep them safe and sober and that his mind, but not been altered from these drugs, but his mind is clear and is happy. Please pray the Lord will help him to be happy and keep his relationship with his girlfriend, Alicia living together for the same five years since she’s been his rock for all this time but now he’s mine is kind of slipping away, so please pray for the both pray for that she’ll stick by him, and that she will be is rock and that he will change and then he’ll be happy and showing love and affection, pray that he will always come to the Lord and that he will be happy. Pray that he won’t lose everything that he’s worked so hard that he will ricochet into depression. Please send prayers of the angels for , Home, and his family there inJESUS NAME, a amen.