I’ve been having a difficult time. I’ve only slept a few hours over the past days. I’m having unwanted thoughts, and when i try to go to sleep, I’m plagued with thoughts that torment, cause sleeplessness. They’ll just appear and block me from going to sleep. I’ll try to sleep, and all of sudden these tormenting thoughts appear, they have nothing to do with what I’m thinking. It keeps me up, to where feel I’m going crazy. I’ll open my eyes, after it starts and know it’s happening again then have anxiety attacks during the night. I’ll see the clock time, and know its been over 2-3 hours after trying to sleep. I’ll get up with adrenaline, and walk the floors at night back and forth, praying to god, over again. I don’t know if this is demonic, or attack of the enemy, but ask please to be broken free. I’m going to get prayer at a church service, and I’m having to resort to praying online. I need please to be broken free, and this would disappear. This is a horrible time because I’m afraid through out the day, afraid I won’t go to sleep, it leaves me with anxiety through the day. It’s like I have to prepare myself, before trying to sleep. I ask please for a healing, if its demonic i ask please to be broken free. I’ve prayed many times online, but no such healing. But I’m asking this time for prayer that this will heal this situation. Whatever this cause, if it’s psychological or demonic attack, I ask please to be broken free. Thank you

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