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Call Sleep-Tite anytime at (484) 510-6337 or request a Free Inspection and you’ll receive guaranteed one-day bed bug removal and remediation. Sleep-Tite only focuses on Bed Bug remediation and removal so that you receive the best service at the best price. The Sleep-Tite team wants to help people – really help them.

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What do bed bugs look like?

The following images are of Bed Bugs in their Lifecycle, Bat Bugs commonly mistaken for Bed Bugs, and Cockroach Nymphs also commonly mistaken for Bed Bugs. Does it look like you have Bed Bugs? Give us a call for immediate assistance.

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Sleep-Tite is a Business Sponsor of Mighty Oak Ministries (MOM). Choosing to do business with Sleep-Tite will help you get rid of bedbugs in just one day, and also help us continue our mission of helping individuals all over the world grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). God bless you for your support!