Please pray God protect me and soften my exes heart towards me. Please pray he will call me and ask me to forgive him for neglecting me and not loving me enough and for being so cruel to me. Please pray he will ask me to love him again, and he love me more, and be faithful to me. Please pray God heal my wounds and restore my dignity and respect to my ex, his family and friends and give me honor. Please pray God not let him hurt me anymore. Please pray if my ex wants to be released for good and God wants me to let him go, that God help me to forgive him and to bless him and to never think about him again. Please pray God will restore my soul and bring me a faithful husband friend who will lift me up, protect me and give me honor and respect and demand it of others. I never loved anyone more than I love my ex. Please pray God bring me someone I love more and he loves me more. TY