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I desperately need a new job. The current job I have is causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. It’s not a healthy environment for me. Additionally, the cost of living in Los Angeles pushed me out to Fontana 2 years ago, due to lack of housing affordability. My commute to downtown Los Angeles is 2 hours or more sometimes. I am renting 2 rooms from a family member. This was supposed to be a temporary situation, while I found a new job in the state of Texas. I’ve been applying for jobs within federal Government for two years with no luck. At first, the vaccine mandate was being forced and the fact that I am not vaccinated was an impediment so I gave up on applying for a while but I’ve been back at it since that requirement was lifted since April of 2022, but I am not getting any calls for interviews. I am desperately seeking God’s helping hand. 

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