relationships with a potential date

I love Dickson.he had no feeling for me.We planned to hang out the15th time at moon festival.But he told me he was sick at 3pm that he couldn’t meet me.I texted him”ok but remember u stood me up and u owe me $5million debt.u need to make me happy next time as a return.” he was mad.he said”I will never ask u out again.”I was joking but he thought I was self-centered.Only care abt myself.I explained to him but he didn’t read my messages.I pray for reconciliation and God will mend our relationship.

I bumped into Dickson yesterday. When I went home. I texted him. He didn’t read my message and I guess he didn’t want to continue with me anymore. I felt so depressed. Why did God give me a chance to know more about Dickson and then took it away. I felt heartbroken. Have been crying for like a month.