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Join the GO Network through Mighty Oak Ministries

MOM is gathering in the saints for the purpose of GOING into the world to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are a missionary or leader and would like to join the GO network, please fill out the registration page above.

Why this network? First and foremost our network members utilize the Giving Oaks page. This provides network members with their own ‘vendor page’ in order to collect funds while utilizing our nonprofit status to provide donation tracking, receipts and tax benefits to donors.

GO Network members get support, encouragement and prayer coverage. They get a NET. We are in it with you! We truly believing in the beauty of covering found in submission to one another as fellow labors in His fields. It is a mutual submission out of love and reverence of our Lord and each other.

Other Benefits

  • Free registration. Registration is and always will be free.
  • Easy to use. Simply register, let people know where to donate, and watch your funding stream in.
  • Dedicated web page. Receive a dedicated web page to highlight yourself, your ministry, and brag on Jesus.
  • No wait time. Receive instant payouts of your donor giving through PayPal Instant Payments.
  • Transparency. Login to your account for full donation reporting, tracking, and receipts of your donor giving.
  • Be found. Receive free ministry exposure across Google and Bing without needing your own website.
  • Simple fee structure. Donation fees are charged on a per donation basis as follows: Donation Amount – 10%. These are the only fees you will ever pay MOM for using our service. Fees are used to cover various fees such as credit card processing and the cost of maintaining and growing our GO network.

Give Back

Mighty Oak Ministries (MOM) has many purposes such as funneling wealth to His Kingdom builders. MOM is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization. To give back to MOM directly, please visit our donation page.