Prayer requests

 please pray for me as I suffered as I suffered verbal physical inspirational abuse after marriage and started my daughter throughout my years of marriage devastated this this man spit it on my face at church after service but this time I went to church service throughout the years consistently and he didn’t improve he ever really smashed my hand with a metal door several times I had to bandage it took my car keys my phone he broke it he was trying to make my life miserable in my clothes were thrown outside so I couldn’t work one time he kicked me and he was saying things about my daughter so many times it’s abusive this man’s ugly Wicked and wicked on he he punched me on my shoulder it threw me on the floor several times let me place his hands one time and try to kill me so many things only thanks to me I don’t know why I just want him out of my life out of my child’s life I think he only got married and pregnant and Pregnant me because he was trying to get it out of something he did because he is not a good person I found this out after work for many years I said I don’t want to have any children from him and he kept pushing me after marriage so I need prayer deliverance from any demonic spirits instead of my children a prayer deliverance from this abuse I don’t want my daughter to be an abusive relationship so please pray for her and I continuous staying strong in the Lord Jesus Christ amen amen