Prayer requests

Prayer please prayer request for my children again they have been abducted I just emailed the attorney so hopefully this can stop I’m sick of this this man’s been doing this it’s now past the curfew hours and he can’t seem to listen to them he’s not respecting the curfew hours so please pray for me and the children to be returned these children are minor age and they return safely home and then this man be stopped for it forever for doing this to me and to please pray for my sisters and my brother I’m having trouble getting a phone phone to dial out and it’s like I don’t know what’s stopping them but I think that the cars like a person can use a car to give somebody a commute ride as far as traveling work and errands and answer my business which I still don’t have a vehicle because the guy told it he sold it and went out my permission prayer request may God give me inner peace and also I pray for my my little public profile amen