Prayer request please

Please pray for please pray for this mom who is having a difficult time understanding her role and being faithful to one spouse in one marriage so please help her understand Maybe hopefully she’s not in another relationship because that would be the sastrous to another woman for women’s ministry right to have that so please pray for her to be saved and morally lift her up today that she can understand what woman Ministry is and that she may understand it’s important to persevere in the truth and bring Salvation to her own children by her Godly role model example whether it’s errors in the mom I pray that the children not blame the mom and that they not follow a disorder conduct but that through that understanding that God may give them wisdom and that God May demolish any strongholds of their upbringing through prayer in Reading scripture the Lord may bring him to that understanding and not blaming the mom and that they can really confess and repent there needs to be a deeper repentance but knowing that a sinner’s pattern is not God’s purpose so you pray repentance for Blended families very praying for that those are sinners path deep in the body of Christ that needs to be repented oh Lord that’s the wickedness and and vile it’s still so much of it in our Hispanic heritage Lord forgive us God repentance Lord amen