Hi today I prayed hi today I prayed early early this morning really knowing that I have had employment since the age of 16 so I just pray and hope that this continues I started to have difficulty in my marriage and noticed to that the employment my employment was not so secure and I was doing too much for for an ex-spouse he has just been interfering in my work and my Realty business he took my documents and messed up with my work and now I’m having to fix all his nonsense doing and pretty much he took my salaries called theft but out of my kindness I am didn’t call it that but I don’t want to be victimized by this man anymore so please pray for me I contacted an attorney to help me solve this case please pray for the attorney that he can hopefully he won’t turn against me or work against me but kind of follow what I’m trying to do is live my social Norm expectation for being a Christian woman when society and people at work try to work against me so please pray it’s been very hurtful so I need the Lord just to cleanse me and heal me with the power of His Holy Spirit and I need a salary so please pray that I receive a salary from these people that college is malicious where it went it’s a secular College thankfully I was there for a while and I do know how to do good besides with the stuff that’s taught and sometimes it’s very in the consequences of sin so please pray for me as this man brought in some friendships of his through the work and they’re not the best for me so please pray that you know I said a moral distance and two please pray for my daughter’s salvation each other have four children and grandchildren for our salvation and he tries to take them away from me and lure them away with gifts with income so please pray that we just stay clean from all this less of the flesh lust of the money lust of the eyes and that the Lord really work out our salvation for repentance and hopefully I can have at least some hope in my salary I’ve always had a check and a salary since this man came into my life it’s been it’s been crazy so I want anything to do with him anymore I’m already mid age so I don’t want anything to do with him anymore please may the Lord just steer him away from me and my children

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