Prayer request

Greetings I ask greetings I ask prayer for

Greetings I asked prayers for for an anonymous spells God knows who I’m referring to Heavenly Lord as I pray for this man who has been acting strange you may have been in a community judgment by the community and he has not been compliant with marriage or counseling and it’s wearing me and also I pray for the child also for his mental health in each person in the children and the child’s sisters the three sisters also for their mental health wisdom and understanding and for them to be really close to God’s purpose along with the mom hopefully these judgments from the community may stop so you pray Shield of faith and protection from the moment the family and her relatives and the children as well amen the man said he cheated which I don’t know the doctors are going to intervene and the situation which they should they should intervene so he needs to be compliant and just pray please amen