Prayer request

Please pray for my daughters my daughter’s restaurant business as she finished high school I think throughout her College years she was asked like what does she want to do and she’s I think part of it is making sure she’s morally saved she’s saved as a believer in God with the fear of the Lord and so through our studies we have this restaurant business so we just pray I don’t know if there’s already one started for her that’s going to be good not like a setup or false expectation to get us in trouble or teach us a lesson through it we just want like or I have my house too and those those tenants could move out soon I could start my restaurant business so I pray it Lord made me your will my dad has been panadero he has some Bakery skills so please may there’s already so many bakeries and I’m sure they could just give us one and they wanted to so we just pray Lord Let It Be Your Will God’s purpose something that’s going to be good for us because I’m all health conscious person and so are my children their health conscience kids and children and we just want to stay sure that I am a 20-year nurse that and I get worried about I do worry unconsciously I worry with my knowledge I worry about people and I don’t want them go starving sometimes I care for my own family and sometimes other people too much so far that they’re trying to help me move out and that’s not going to happen I’m not going to let the tennis tell me what to do here so they do need to be evicted from the house I’ve said the nice kind word move out and they didn’t hear that so maybe now the word evicted they’ll get going the right direction and moving closer to a good life so that they’re out here and there’s really nobody who can help them if they need help so my other tenants already moved on really good we had a problem they are doing life like good they weren’t here that long so I just need prayer again I really focused prayer today is my daughter and her restaurant business the Lord’s blessing wisdom discernment as to how to proceed in this amen