Please pray for please pray for me as I am one of the people with most tenure in my community and I need a salary from one of the companies nearby maybe the library there’s a little desk that I’m hoping and praying it could be mine to work at and that little corner there if they just don’t get so selfish and if I can find somebody to help me with my employment salary so please pray for me that I could find my little corner where I could work and the area it’s near walking distance and I still pray for pedestrian crosswalks in my area and one of the nurses that work out there so in the community so far haven’t had a salary so please pray some people still see Hispanic women as minority even though we are not we just need to pray that the Lord help these people change their perspective on that we are not minority there’s many Hispanic Americans in the US living in the US legitimately and with work salary and we I am not an immigrant so I just need prayers as it’s been very difficult growing up I remember seeing a white woman really ridicul me and the classroom and I never have had time to really connect with my siblings cuz this seems that they separated me from my siblings early in my life and I hope and pray that we can connect again and then they took my vehicle these people some they are some migrants that come from Mexico and they have my chismo thoughts and they took my vehicle for over 1 year and I have for my property and it was at the local library the people there never noticed they didn’t care they just act like they don’t care and just continue moving with their day-to-day that can’t happen same for my spouse he’s very not supportive and what he does so I just need a lot of prayers I won’t be victimized and my children will be victimized too please pray the children get fear and then they try to side with the teachers and they shouldn’t be doing that so please pray for her just the Lord to really work in our hearts for salvation for Love Of The Lord and my siblings my parents and my own children my own biological children and grandchildren amen

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