Prayer for Divine Healing and Intervention

Dear Lord,
The past few years had been very difficult on me physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically.
I have had difficulties with my health which has impacted my quality of life significantly.
Of major concern to me is my chronic abdominal pain and discomfort occasioned by sudden onset of episodic acute intense abdominal pains.
I have tried different medications and I have also tried altering my diet and all appears to have been to no avail.
No doctor has been able to say for certain which medical condition I am dealing with.
Things came to a head when I developed a severe allergic skin reaction with hives all over my body about two months ago.
I thank you for my family’s help and support during these challenging times of need especially with support from my wife and kids.
I pray for divine healing and recovery as I battle this medical condition even as my doctors are putting me on a new medical treatment plan and course of action.
The other concern I have is with my career.
I have been wishing and praying for career growth, career fulfillment and career upliftment.
I am praying for divine guidance and direction on the next steps and course of action for me to take.
I pray that you connect me with the right people and put me in the right environment where I can succeed and excel in whatever I lay my hands on.
These are my wishes as the year is about to come to an end and we embark on a new year.
I believe you are the God that answers prayers.
You will not forsake us in our times of need.
You will make a way where there seems to be no way.
You will open doors of opportunities.
I pray this prayer in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.