please pray for my mom

i ask that all of you reading this can please pray for my mom. the only way she will be healed is through the power of God. she has had cancer for over a year now and is going to have a VERY extensive and life-threatening surgery on tuesday. i am so scared and don’t ever want to lose her because my family will not be able to live without her. i ask that you please pray for my mom to have a successful surgery, keep her vision in her left eye after surgery, and have a great recovery. please pray that she stays alive on earth with us for at least another 20 years because there is still so much she deserves to do in life. cancer is so awful and i’m not sure why she is having to face all of this when she is such a good person, but i know God can get us through this. please, i ask for your prayers and encouragement for her. it means a lot🤍