Please pray for me amber strub brad strub Nicholas mirosavich Carly and Ashley croskey

Please pray for me and my brother Brad there are some evil people electronically harassing and stalking us they are trying to have me hated and killed,my mom just had stroke December 11 she may never walk or talk again I need your prayers they have threatened to murder and kidnap my kids they are keeping track of me and all my writings my ideas were meant for my children they want me dead they are exploiting me and my kids it has been a nightmare I tried to protect my kids they won’t leave us alone they do things to try make me go crazy but I’m very calm and it’s my faith in God they can’t take away! They are working together in large group they are stealing ripping us off they want me dead for my ideas it’s a big game to them they won’t leave me alone I’ve tried everything god knows I ain’t crazy they want my ideas they want my writings they harass me 24/7 making fun of me they trash me they want me dead they are using microwave mind control Neuro weapons they are recruiting hate toward me I’m documenting everything I’m awesome mom they threaten to murder kidnap my kids they say my kids have HIV to hurt me cause panic they are evil they interrupt my prayers play mind games try to confuse me hurt me they hate me cause I figured them out and jealous of my ideas I need help my brother and I are in need of protection and so are mynkids they want money and fame