our family

  1. Father God prayed and helped our families lord most of all helped my nephew who try so hard to support his two little babies but but God’s because of his girlfriend and her mom they trying to make it difficult for him lord he were try to work and take care his two kids but the girl mom look at it as a joke she wants to make the state take care of those kids but we already know that God’s is bigger and great then the girlfriend and her mom that why the girl is in the mesh she in she allowed her mom to mesh her up her mom don’t care about her own daughters if she allowed her own daughters to be attacks in her own home and allowed her daughters to take the downfall with irs when will her own children wake up if the daughters had sense she go to the judges and plea its the nephew families who bail them out in rents diapers gas money food on they table not one time did mrs tomeka step in to help her daughters financially baby set her grandkids and filed irs but have never worked a day in her life’s its not the state job to support able body working people who don’t want to work now she takes these babies away from their own father and file charges against him that’s not fair Father’s God you brought us a mighty long way and we truly know’s that this storm too will pass no matter what’s Father God you are in the mist of this tragedy and troubles storm God’s is able to stand against the girlfriend her mom God’s see it all by the grace of God’s he came from a good home families went to church God’s know’s his hearts the tears thats hurting this family this too shall pass when the girlfriend scratch up the nephew face those were scarce she left God is a healing those two babies don’t deserve this and if her mom had any sense she will stand up for that young man buy no she feel that’s the state owed her free money amen