Neighbor Frustration

Good day! I know this prayer is probably small potatoes compared to what you usually get. 


However, I know that as a Christian, we are supposed to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Long story short, my husband and I own a moderately sized woodlot with a private road. It’s been a blessing! 

My husband’s ex-wife (with whom we get along amicably with) his daughter and grandchildren were facing homelessness. So, we gifted them a small parcel of that woodlot. They are in the process of building on that parcel. In the meantime, they are living in a camper. 

The neighbors who live on the road do not approve of them staying on the parcel. They have filed complaint to the town code enforcement officer, have stolen items from my step-daughter and are generally nasty. I don’t want to stoop to their level, but at the same time, I feel it’s necessary to stand our ground. We could use a break from the drama. My family need to build their home without being bothered. 


Thank you and God bless!