Need rest

Prayer for my daughter and her 13 mo. old son. She is pregnant, due in April. Her son hasn’t slept much since birth. She has allowed him to co- sleep with them since birth. Even with that, he still doesn’t sleep well. He refuses to let anyone else comfort him. We’ve all tried, he is so attached to her. He rarely sleeps own his own and usually wakes up when she put him down. She’s been trying to sleep train him and his screams are so bad she has even thrown up due to crying so hard. She is exhausted and is more so as she hears the end of her pregnancy. She needs rest, he needs rest and he will need to be more independent with a new baby coming. She has consulted me and I just have no answers. She looked into paid sleep training with a consultant and those are too expensive.  Asking for a resolution to this sleeping issue. So she can prepare herself for the new baby with everyone in the family being say peace. They’ve been praying, we’ve been praying. Please join us in prayer for this to be resolved. 

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