My girlfriend, Carrie Rivera, lives in Alexander City Al.  We have been friends for many years.  She use to live in Johnstown, Pa. ever since we met through her mother.  Her life has always been dysfunctional. Moving to Al. was so confusing for all of us.  She had 8 children to different fathers.  All are grown up except 3 children left. She started her own business remodeling furniture & actually rented a store room to do her work & take orders.  She helped her oldest son Robert in Johnstown to move into their new home. Robert & his girlfriend both have disabilities.  While driving home to Al. she stopped into a store & her truck was stolen. She had to live in a hotel for a month because she was only half way. She lost her business cause she had to try & pay utility bills & rent. Her water was cut off & she has no vehicle. Her 3 young children have mental disabilities. They are constantly in trouble in school & all 3 take medicine.  She walks to a Wal-Mart & trys to bail water from somewhere.  A few months ago her doctor told her she has MS.  She refuses to take medicine & she just wants to die.  She truly wants to die even thought 3 young children will have to fend for themselves because the adult children think only about themselves.  2 or 3 of her adult children refuse to have anything to do with her. She has grandchildren she is not allowed to see.  Would you all please pray for her! I want to suggest she drive up to the Ramp with her 3 children but now she has no vehicle. Traveling would be approximately 2 1/2 hours.  her address is: 1783 County Road, Alexander City, Al. 35010.  I am living in a Senior apartment complex on a limited income.  I don’t have money to fly down to help her. I would truly love to fly down just to support her.  I deal with anxiety/depression. Carrie is 50 yrs. old.  I pray that she will have any kind of help in all directions.  She says she has no one.  I listened to her over the phone cry & cry. I pray for anything at all to help her.  Thank you for listening! God bless!  


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