The last year and a half has been hard for me. I had a TBI from a car accident and I’ve struggled ever since. 

I have had depression and anxiety since a teenager and having a brain injury made those things worse. I also have complex chronic migraines and I’ve had them for 12 years. My brain injury has intensified them as well. 

I just need prayers for strength because my daughter is going through a lot that is unrelated to my struggles. My daughter is the most important thing in my life and I will always be there for her. She’s told me that I’m all she has in this world and that I love her for who she is. 

I just need prayers and strength at this time to get through this. I have found a church to attend that has a youth group for my daughter to attend. 

Prayers are needed for my family. Life is hard and unfair at times, but somehow it will work out eventually.

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