Lord if I die work in the usps take care of my family I never been or seen the unjustified In management mistreated me they lies they don’t help the employees that need help they cursing you abused you all the years I been on the usps back In the eighty I never been treat this way I do my job I Carry my mail I present great customer service to my customers they treat me major them like family it’s pure management hate hostile supervisor but they sit back stealing time delay mail cursing abused usps get mad if you contact area mgr cause they want answer the phone I work everyday in the usps been doing since I started back in the late eighty I could not of any bad mgr back then compare to these nonsense mgrs and supervisor we have now they have no shame if you are in they clicks you the perfect employees you scratch they back they steal for you no matter how many thousands or million they take from the usps But God I am hurt very hurt but if something happens to me don’t let my name be in vain they call me a bitch,dog whatever it’s dangerous enough been on the street try to deliver safe we have to watch our surroundings but if these two mgr at my station think they going to give me a stroke or heartattack more power to them God meet them at the Gate I do my job honestly fair and very well I don’t still time like they do But if don’t live to see another day cause of stress hurt hostile towards me from the station mgr and supervisor God you know me very well and I know the harm they try to cause me it want prosperous in Jesus name lord i belongs to you not these two hateful cursing name calling mgr and supervisor in this station Amen yes lord i will rest in peace in your name no matter what harm they do towards me these two mgrs should have been gone lone time ago for the thief of stealing time delay mail cursing calling employees out of their name political mail still in the station and friends they allowed to leave without clock out stealing time from the usps yes they all belongings in the same group no one not no one get up and go to work to be stressful curse out call out of their name like these two mgrs Mr postmaster general if only you knew what your employees go through in this city and station work under these two mgrs yes they quick to say bid out cause they knows the stuff,pictures and proof that we and God have on them oh yea they gave one employees a stroke and if they can do another one they will I been to the hospital on several occasions for my ❤️ no my health ain’t good but you can bet by the grace of God I performed my job my duty well in the usps it don’t matter what management or supervisor call me out of my name they can talk about me like a dog but I am God’s child Amen

I am God child no matter what’s management in holiday city call me out of my name amen