Sunday, March 22, we are going to visit our friends in tent city. Hearing the decision to close the Bethlehem shelter has us gathering up supplies to bless those that can’t retreat to the safety of a home. We expect the woods to be a place they find shelter.

If you have any tents, blankets, camp gear, non perishable food, toiletries, bug spray, candles and/or batteries please message me.

Financial support can be given through Facebook or PayPal and of course mailed.

Thank you for being the church!

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Categories: Ministry Updates

Chris Engler

Hi! I’m a Christian Missionary and a Founder of MOM. To fund our missionary team, I run MOM's affiliate marketing campaigns and serve entrepreneurs, small business owners, and ministry leaders as their Domain Registrar, Website Host, WordPress Developer, and IT & Digital Marketing Coach through MOM's branch: Cyber Grapes Services.