Job breakthrough

My name is April. I have been searching for a stable and fruitful job for over a year. We’ve gotten by financially on a consulting gig, but the company ran out of work and I was laid off in August. I am the only provider for my household. My husband has pretty severe medical issues and hasn’t worked since 2017. I need prayer for a job to come through soon. I don’t have a lot of money left for us to get by and my unemployment is coming to an end. I’ve had so many final-round interviews this past year, only to be rejected. On top of it, this past year a lot of deep childhood trauma surfaced, and I’ve felt so broken while trying to carry the burden of finances. I ask for prayer, from others, for this situation. I need a breakthrough. Not just financially, but mentally as well. Chronic job searching has messed with my self-esteem on top of trauma and has made me feel unworthy of a job or too broken. Thank you wonderful prayer warriors so much for your prayers.