1. I’d like a prayer for those men & women in the incarceration/prison systems that are misunderstood, and innocent or deserve a second chance. I hope their issues receive immediate attention & get resolved. Any man or woman innocent & left in constraints – are always comforted & find support. I pray that God sends them the assistance that they need to help support these releases. Again, I pray that those working in the judicial system become a lot more compassionate, realistic and unmaniuplative. I hope their they’re strengthened to help remove themselves from deceptions & ridiculous assignments. I pray for less troubling waters I their offices and departments.  Their duties require a lot of discernment & meticulous attention. When making supportive decisions during sentences – they really, really need to carefully consider a balancing median in alk subject matter.  For man is imperfect and is not God or the heavenly father, Jesus Christ.
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