Time: 5:18 p.m., December 13th, 2022

Dear Might Oak Ministries: My name is Rebekah and I am almost 50 in April and my husband’s name is Greg. I am a loving, caring and good person. I have been a Social Justice Activist for 34 years…my whole life for Indigenous Rights.  I was only 15 when I started, then 19 when I walked across the country for Indigenous Rights with the American Indian Movement in honour and tribute (Everything I do is for him, every day) to my Cherokee grandfather who service this great country as a WWII veteran and purple heart many times over, and for all Indigenous people who are oppressed.  Then, for seven years, I got accosted by white men with guns for being an Indigenous Activist in my own country, which is why I felt I had to leave to come to Canada.  However, I have experienced Indigenous Discrimination at two colleges.  At one, I left and transferred due to them doing nothing about the Discrimination.  At the one that just ousted me, they did not give me a reason but they said that I need to withdraw “effective immediately”, which directly affects my Immigration.  My husband is working so hard here and honestly, I am besides myself with emotional pain and concern.  Three days after my first Assignment of which I got 100 percent and submitted the first Assignment, I was kicked out which can affect my Immigration for asking for support, and it really hurts because I had been asking for support for months from them and I was not getting it. I can submit an Appeal but the bottom line is, this still threatens my Immigration. There is another element to this: I had suspected that after being discriminated against in the fall by the Director of the Intercultural Department where I was going to be going in the fall by a man who was anti woman, that I might be retaliated against and that he would say something to the Professor that I asked for Academic help on.  Every time I tried to express who I was and my needs and that I had PTSD and that I needed a little extra support, I would get a weird reaction. The more open hearted I was, the more it backfired.  People talked about mer and said things that were not true.  The more I tried to meet with them to ask what they thought about me or did wrong, they would not meet with me.  Someone named Kyla from Student Support Services said she would advocate for me, but in the end backstabbed me and it hurt so bad.  Everyone turned on me when they knew how badly I wanted to be in Canada and how badly I wanted to be here.  It is like they were purposely trying to send me back to the US and it was like they were against me.  I have and had experience so much violence in my country for being an Indigenous Rights activist and even though people are different here and are not chasing me with guns, they are doing violence to me in different ways.  I am broken hearted and worried.  My husband works two jobs to make our dream of Permanent Residency happen here and it is so horrific right now.  Honestly, I am scared.  We are asking for miracle prayers.  I am a Christian and I have been crucified here for being me.  I am begging you for prayers.  I am half white and half Cherokee.  Indigenous people are still so often invisible.  Anyway, I am begging for your prayers. We worked for years to make our dream come true in Canada. 

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