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HelloWorld.Domains is a nonprofit branch of Mighty Oak Ministries (MOM) Corporation with the mission of helping people with little to no income make a statement on the web. That means we make the internet more accessible by making owning your own piece of the web extremely affordable.

We offer the world: domain name registration, domain name transfers, website builders, website hosting, website builders, email systems, etc. at cost. “At cost” means that we offer all of our digital products to the world at the same cost it costs us to purchase, i.e., we make no profit. For example, if a domain name costs us $1.00 to register, that same domain will cost you $1.00 to register through us.

How do we do that without going broke? First, we have zero employees. Everything we do is 100% automated. If a human has to do anything, it is 100% volunteer. Second, you must pay our credit card processing fees so that we don’t have to. The credit card processing fee is currently 2.9% is your purchase price + $0.30 per transaction. Third, we ask you to make voluntary donations from time to time, but they are completely voluntary.

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