health and living situation

Lhave an old house that seems to need repair after repair after repair.  Things are always breaking down and due to a death in the family the family income has dropped dramatically. One of the latest is that I seem to have a bug infestation. It happened after neighbors got an exterminator and then we started seeing lots of insects in our house. (Houses in this neighborhood are very close together). I also have a number of health issues some requiring surgery, but I can’t address the health issues until I am able to take care of the house issue like the infestation, a needed plumbing repair, a major appliance needing to be replaced etc. Please pray that the Lord guides me in all my decisions with regard to all of this and that he helps with the finances so that I can fix the things that need to be fixed and not end up street and help with healing and/or a way to take care of the health issues soon. Also would like to move from this place, but will need guidance and assistance from the Lord as well. Thank you for your prays and I pray for it all in Jesus nam.

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