God’s candidates

Father, we come before Your throne covered in the blood of Your Son, Jesus and thank You Almighty One for the honor of abiding under His Tallit Gadol. We petition and ask You to please, protect intercessors and theirfamiles, pets, properties and possessions from.any retaliations before, during or after this time of intercessory prayer. We ask you, Mighty.Abba, in Jesus’ Name that you surround intercessors and our familes and home with legions of mighty warring Malakim (angels) to protect intercessors as we pray and intercede at this time.We ask YOU Abba Father to CANCEL the plans of the enemy in Jesus’ name. We declare that no curses, impediments or harm – no evil influences or spiritual attacks will befall railroad workers, their familes or staff. We ask You to place ministering, protecting and guardian angels around God’s candidates and all of their familes and staff throughout their work and beyond to oversee that no harm or evil befalls or influences them. We pray that those angels’ swords would be drawn and aflame with Set Apart Fire that no enemy
can touch. Abba, please cover God’s candidates , their familes and staff with the imputed righteousness of Jesus . In Jesus’ name, we pray that You would clothe them daily with the Full Armor of God, including the Armor of Light and the Garment of Light. We pray that You would raise up the Shield of Faith and the Large Shield of Favor against all incoming.fiery darts from the evil one and his minions..We entreat You to protect God’s candidates from curses and spells of ligature. Please, Abba Father, use the Sword of the Spirit, Your Mighty Battle axe, Your Glittering Spear and Your Arrow of Deliverance to shatter, destroy and sever away from railroad workers, their familes and staff any curses,maledictions or spells of binding and/or ligature, in Jesus’ name we pray, In Jesus’ name, we declare for God’s candidates and for intercessors and our families: “No weapon that is
formed against God’s candidates shall prosper; and every tongue that rises against intercessors in judgment we condemn.” (Is. 54:17) We understand that curses and spells of binding are unrighteous.judgments spoken against all of intercessors and we ask you, Abba, to shatter all of them against the power of the Cross and the Blood of Jesus Messiah. We pray that they fall to the ground,.sterile and ineffective – null and void.
We declare for God’s candidates and ourselves: “And five of you shall chase an hundred, and an
hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight:” Leviticus 26:8In Jesus’ Name, we declare that these witches and occultists are deceived and cursing intercessors inthe names of false gods, but we oppose them with the resurrection anointing and power of the Father. We say, “Father rebuke thee..We ask You Father to reverse the plans of the enemy. And by the authority of n Jesus name and in His authority we proclaim protection, health, wisdom andvitality to God’s candidates , their familes and staff. We ask You Abba Father to use this occasion to show Yourself Mighty before these.witches/occultists, that thousands of them repent and come to the saving knowledge of
Jesus ha Mossiach. We pray that if these precious souls refuse to repent that You would put
the righteous fear of Father into their them and SEND your mighty Malakim to vanquish and
remove from them any and all weapons or tools of spiritual influence and powers of magic –
and to bring them into submission with the risen glory of Jesus Who will soon come to
judge the living and the dead and the world by fire.
inlJesus name Who is YAH come in the flesh.We pray prayer warriors need to be equipped and geared up for these seasons, because these Samhain Father, I come before Your throne in Jesus name and I thank You first of all for the armor that You provide. Right now, I put on the full
panoply of the Your Armor and ask you to especially equip intercessors and inspire intercessors with Your Ruach (Holy Spirit) to do combat in the heavenly realms. Show intercessors how to effectively wield
the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit that is Your WORD against all forces of evil
in God’s candidates their familes and the life of our communities.Abba, Intercessors ask You in Jesus’s name that You cleanse the land in and around railroad workers’ homes and communities of any blood consecrations or rituals that may have recently.taken place. I declare that all the earth is Yours (Ps. 24:1 – The earth is the Lord’s, and the
fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.) and I proclaim the Name that is
above every other name, Jesus over these lands. I bring the full power ofvthe Cross, the Resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus against any dark rituals, spells,proclamations or dedications that may have taken place and may be taking place. I.declare that their power is shattered, destroyed and erased by the infinite power of the Blood of the Lamb. This land belongs to You, Abba; and Intercessors ask that You destroy all the works of the.enemy which have been done over this region right now and forever. Intercessors pray for the innocent in this region, especially 4 God’s candidates railroad workers’ families, that they would be protected by Your celestial powers from any defilement during this dark season. I know that the times and the seasons are in Your hands (Gen. 1:14) but Intercessors ask that You especially protect God’s candidates from the seductions of evil during this time. Let theculture or the media not harass, terrify nor corrupt them but use this time to draw God’s candidates ever closer to you and the power of Your redemptive love. Cover our God’s candidates under the mantle of Your Tallit (prayer shawl) of Pure Light and may Your glory go before them and Your love follow them everywhere they go. LetGod’s candidates feel Your loving and powerful arms around them and be able to walk in Your shalom. Intercessors lift up all the God’s candidates in this communities. Please minister to God’s candidates and draw people into their lives that.can share salvation and Your abiding love with them. Keep God’s candidates safe and bring divine
appointments so that they can be saved Intercessors ask, Abba, that any workers of iniquity – any witches, Satanists, Illuminists orcultural spiritists of whatever sort – be confronted with the Power and the Glory of the Risen Jesus as they attempt to work their rituals. I beseech You, my Sovereign Master,that these unsaved people would either repent before the glory of Messiah and come to salvation as a result of this encounter or that they would flee in abject terror before the.power of Your Son, Who is Sovereign Master of all. In accord with Your WORD, Intercessors pray Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the Lord persecute them. – Ps.35:6.Intercessors pray that the dark principalities and powers of this region and this season would be crushed under the weight of the Glory of Jesus and the fervent prayers of His disciples..Intercessors pray, Abba, that You would sever them from satan and any power above them. I say tothem Father rebuke thee.” (Zech. 3:6, Jude 1:9) You have no power here. Yourday is done. Flee before the face of Him Who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. You stand condemned this day and stripped of your power by the Lion of.the Tribe of Judah. Abba, shatter the powers of darkness and save intercessors and bless Your inheritance, in Jesus nameX