Christmas is the time of lights and warmth. It is a time of giving and celebrating our Savior’s birth. This year please consider helping bring light to a small church in Kenya, Africa?

A simple, one time monetary gift of $25 can help achieve the goal of $500 (USD) needed to turn on their electricity; a $25 monthly gift ensures that electricity stays on. MOM will be giving our December tithe to Kenya. Consider joining us in this blessing!

Here’s the “call” to action directly from our partner in the faith Ann Mwaura:

My name is pastor Ann Mwaura born and raised up in Kenya, I pastor a church in the village in Kenya and a wife and a mother at the same. Our church is desperately in need of electricity because right now there’s so many activities we can’t have in church due to lack of power, we are loosing young people in our church because of lack of musical instruments, no night vigils because there’s no light, and therefore we really need electricity in our church. The amount needed as per Kenya power and lightning company requirements is $500 and have power in turned on in our church. God bless you.

Ann Mwaura

Please use the buttons below to donate directly to Ann or through MOM.

Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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