Financial help

My husband and I are struggling financially and have been for a few years now. We both have degrees, he has a full time job and I a part time job but it’s just not enough. We’re drowning just trying to keep ourselves and our daughter fed. His job is not promoting anyone despite my husband asking for more responsibility in exchange for a raise, and he has been applying for a year to jobs with little luck. He’s gotten two interviews, made it to the last round both times then the potential employer pulls out at the last minute. We are tired… we’ve had to live off of cc which has now put us in significant debt. We need another car but can’t afford it. We had to take a personal loan out to pay for a new ac unit ( we live in Texas so it wasn’t an option not buying a new one). We are also going to have to save up for a new water heater (our current one is leaking) and new tires. We are thankfully able to afford MDO for our two year old daughter but I’m really hoping/ needing my part time job to turn into full time… in that case idk how we could do it with one care and daycare costs. We are not extravagant spenders/ people at all. We’re good people who just want to afford to live . And we’re tired. It just seems like the universe is out to get us right now. I’ve prayed so hard with no answer. I’m losing faith fast. On top of all of this there’s a chance I might be pregnant. As much as we want another one, we just can’t afford it right now. We just want my husband to get a new job that pays well… that’s it. I hope that maybe He will listen and respond to another’s prayers, because right now it feels like mine are falling on def ears. I’m tired of crying and pleading for help. We’re working so hard including extra jobs and freelance opportunities, but it’s just not enough with how expensive our world is now. Please pray for us. Please